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Raze Raze

Rated 4 / 5 stars

My comments

Other than everyone saying this is a perfect game and stuff, here is my opinion:

-simple controls
-good set of music
-the Campaigns are the same just on different sides (like in old Warcraft)
-the weapons are good, my fave being the sticky grenade launcher
-aliens reanimating corpses, sounds familiar, but still cool

Bad (In my opinion anyway):
-for some reason, the AI feel like a cheating bastard. I dunno why but it takes 3 grenade launches to always kill them but just one to kill me. Same goes for a rocket launcher.
-the AI can see beyond my viewpoint. though that's just probably me. would've been better if the viewpoint was bigger.
-I dunno about you guys but I hated the juggernaut mission. I struggled for an hour just trying to do the second one. I mean if we're a Juggernaut, doesn't that mean we have an increase in strength/speed?

Anyway, yeah the bad is just me struggling to win this game. If I'm wrong about them then sorry for wasting your time

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